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The best forum ever for nruto fun there will be exams, tournaments, fighting, villages and organizations like the akatsuki im not kidding when i say you will have fun so come and stay for a while ^_^.
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 Fighting Rules

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PostSubject: Fighting Rules   Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:31 am

1.1 attack on each person every post

2.No block addicted 10 blocks most in a even battle (even battle=gaara VS deidara)

3.Don't make fights super long -_-'

4.Death Battle:battle where 1 of you know your gonna die discuss it first in CB or in general topic you must this in topic name ((name) VS (name)) [Death Battle]

5.Every time your guy wins he get battle EXP the max is 999 if you hit that with one of your 2 character you get a 3rd character

6.Death Battle=100 EXP

7.Training Fight=20 EXP

8.Fight=40 EXP

9.Training fights are entered like this ((name) VS (name)) [Training Fight]
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Fighting Rules
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