Naruto The Ninja Eclipse 3
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Naruto The Ninja Eclipse 3

The best forum ever for nruto fun there will be exams, tournaments, fighting, villages and organizations like the akatsuki im not kidding when i say you will have fun so come and stay for a while ^_^.
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 Uchiha Godess Of Battle

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MoMoko Uchiha

MoMoko Uchiha

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PostSubject: Uchiha Godess Of Battle   Sun Jun 21, 2009 2:56 pm

Age: 12
Bio:She was a ninja from the stone village.Before she became a stone ninja she had to escape the leaf village.She uses light. MoMoko left her village after murdering her sensei.Then Pein made her join becuz he liked her extreme speed and the power to use her sword and light powers.Her signature jutsu is flashcry.
Weight:64 pounds
Elements:light,electricity,and earth
Picture:see avatar and
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Uchiha Godess Of Battle
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