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 Itachi Uchiha

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Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

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PostSubject: Itachi Uchiha   Sun Jun 21, 2009 2:42 pm

Name: Itachi Uchiha
Age: 19-20
Village: Leaf

~~~~~Extra Info~~~~~

Elements; Fire, Water
Itachi was born into the Uchiha clan
and praised by all as the best of his generation a genius above all
others. Even by the standards of the battle-adept Uchiha clan, Itachi's
prowess far out shined all others. However, not even his family,
friends, or teachers could understand him. When he was only 4, Itachi
had already witnessed countless lives lost due to the Third Great Shinobi World War, which emotionally traumatized him and made him into a pacifist. At age 7 he graduated from the Ninja Academy after only one year at the top of his class, mastered the Sharingan at age 8, passing the Chunin Exams at age 10 and becoming ANBU Captain at age 13. According to Madara Uchiha, Itachi also had a lover, whom he killed during the Uchiha clan massacre.

He was praised highly by his father, who saw the family's future in
Itachi and neglected his other son - Itachi's little brother, Sasuke.
However, during this time Itachi showed great affection towards his
little brother, Sasuke, and even encouraged his father to come to the
Academy when Sasuke was enrolled, something their dad had otherwise
forgotten, by saying that he would otherwise not come on a mission.
When the Uchiha began planning to overthrow Konoha, Itachi, as
an ANBU, was tasked with spying on the village. Knowing that a coup
d'etat would only lead to another Ninja War, Itachi began spying on the
Uchiha instead, passing on information to the Third Hokage and the
other Konoha elders. After this he began to act strangely, not coming
to the clan meetings, speaking out against the clan, and becoming the
prime suspect for the murder of his best friend, Shisui Uchiha.
The clan lost hope in Itachi, and his father began shifting his focus
to Sasuke instead. Meanwhile, the Third's attempts to negotiate a
bloodless end to hostilities between the two parties were proving
ineffective so, against the Third's wishes, Danzo and the Konoha Council ordered Itachi to wipe out the Uchiha.
Before the fateful night arrived, Itachi discovered the existence of Madara Uchiha
who was attempting to rekindle the flames of war in Konoha. In return
for not attacking Konoha, Itachi offered to help Madara claim vengeance
against the Uchiha for turning their backs on him decades earlier.
Madara agreed. Itachi slaughtered his entire clan overnight, sparing
only Sasuke. Sasuke's life was worth more than the village to Itachi,
and he could not follow through with the orders to kill him as well.
Instead, he made himself out as a villain who killed their innocent
family only to test his abilities. By doing so, he wanted Sasuke to
take vengeance on him and become a hero to Konoha, redeeming the Uchiha
name. He tortured Sasuke with his Mangekyo Sharingan
and encouraged him to get strong enough to kill him and avenge their
family. Hoping that his beloved little brother would someday be
powerful enough to kill him, Itachi left the village as a traitor.
Knowing that Konoha would still want to eliminate Sasuke, Itachi pleaded to the Third Hokage
to keep Sasuke safe. He also threatened Danzo to not harm Sasuke or
risk him revealing everything he knew about Konoha's secrets to enemy
countries. Sasuke's safety was secured and Itachi returned to the
original plan by becoming infamous for his slaughter of the Uchiha. He
joined Akatsuki
so that he could keep an eye on it and Madara Uchiha in case either
ever acted against Konoha, all the while planning for his death at
Sasuke's hands.
While a member of Akatsuki, Itachi was approached by Orochimaru
who tried to steal his body to gain the Sharingan. Itachi trapped him
in a genjutsu and severed his arm as punishment, forcing Orochimaru to
flee the organization. Sometime after joining Akatsuki, Itachi later
helped recruit Deidara, Orochimaru's replacement by beating him in battle, to which Deidara swears vengance against Itachi.
Personality; Ever since his first appearance, Itachi had always been mysterious
and had acted as though he was hiding his true self. While flashbacks
to his past show that he was a compassionate brother and person, his
later acts and claims made it seem that this was mostly just an act.
But, surprisingly, he actually was the compassionate brother he once
claimed to be, but he hid this to protect Sasuke. As a member of Akatsuki, he possessed incredible self control
of his emotions. He constantly displayed an emotionless personality. He
only showed surprise when opponents proved more powerful or skilled
than he had expected, and even then he didn't lose his composure. He
did not possess any arrogance, and fully justified any statements he
made about his power, and even complimented his opponents at times on
their abilities. In addition to being an extremely powerful ninja, Itachi had
an equally impressive intelligence and was shown to be very wise. He
was exceedingly sharp and observant to any situation at hand as he was
rarely surprised or caught off guard. He also displayed great
intuition, as he is almost never deceived and even then almost
instantly realizes the truth. Despite his status as a wanted criminal
and having murdered a significant portion of his family, Itachi had no
enjoyment of violence or combat, instead preferring to avoid battle or,
if this is not possible, end it as quickly as he can.
Itachi's only initial interest was in Akatsuki's goals and his
only loyalty appeared to be to the organization and its members,
putting the organization's success and secrecy before everything else.
As such, Itachi got along with his partner, Kisame, much better than
most other Akatsuki members do with their own partners. Kisame appeared
to have a deep loyalty to Itachi, immediately doing as he instructed
and constantly looking out for his well-being. Itachi treated all of
his fellow Akatsuki members to this same, more respectful personality,
although his courtesy was rarely returned by the other members.
However, when he was in a genjutsu duel during his fight with
Sasuke, he aggressively and violently claimed he only let Sasuke live
so he could take Sasuke's eyes and obtain his own Eternal Mangekyo
Sharingan, and then he claimed the Uchiha clan was nothing but tainted
and evil since many members would kill their friends to gain the
Mangekyo Sharingan, and take another Uchiha's eyes to make its power
permanent. Once the genjutsu was released, he called it his true self,
implying his calm, emotionless personality was also a facade. This
persona was only an act to ensure he would die by Sasuke's hands, his
love for his brother being the fundamental aspect of his personality.

Appearance; Despite his status as an infamous shinobi, his appearance is not the
most intimidating beyond the intensity of his eyes. While living in
Konoha, he would regularly have a gentle and caring look in his eyes,
especially to his brother. After joining Akatsuki, he would regularly
have a stern look to them. He is a fairly tall shinobi whose basic
appearance is very much like the rest of his clan. He, like all members of his clan possessed dark grey eyes and
also has black hair that hangs near his cheeks to frame his face. He
also has the addition of a long ponytail in the back of his hair (that
he obscured with his Akatsuki cloak after joining the organization).
Being brothers, Itachi and Sasuke have a similar appearance but with
subtle differences. Itachi's hair color appears slight duller with a
softer flow to it without the spiky style in the back. His skin was
also slightly darker. Itachi's most distinguishing characteristic were
his long pronounced nose ridges under his eyes (which he inherited from
his father Fugaku). Itachi actually looked more like his father, while
Sasuke looked more like his mother Mikoto.
When he lived in Konoha, his casual clothes would consist of a
black shirt with a large Uchiha Clan symbol on the back of it, and
black pants with a weapon's pouch strapped to them. Whenever on duty,
he would wear the traditional ANBU uniform, but he was never shown
wearing a mask. As a member of Akatsuki, he wore the traditional
Akatsuki cloak, and he usually kept the center of it buttoned down.
After his cloak was incinerated by Sasuke's Kirin during their fight in
Part II, it was revealed that he still wore his casual clothes
underneath that. Like almost all members of Akatsuki, he wore the
headband of his home village, Konoha, with a mark through it to
symbolize his broken ties with the village (although secretly, he was
actually still loyal to his village)
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Nami Uchiha

Nami Uchiha

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Itachi Uchiha
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